Styling customers has always been our favorite part of the job, and now with our online store, we take it one step further...but this time we don’t actually know you. Every item you receive has been lovingly hand picked by us in a thrifting frenzy that we refer to as “work.” Know that every piece that lands in your mailbox was selected specifically for you with love (and even some bickering and dickering) by us. We have always believed that no outfit is complete without a touch of vintage. By thoroughly scavenging the planet Earth for one-of-a-kind originals relevant to current fashion trends, we’ve made it easy and affordable for you to get your vintage fix!

Besides being drawn to the original versions of what's in style now, we search high and wide for garments (in particular ones made in the USA) with the weirdest and most interesting tags from brands that don’t exist anymore: Anxiety, ClipperMist, Amy’s Place. The weirder the name of the brand, the quicker we are to say YES!

We firmly believe your closet should be unique, just like you, you precious little snowflake. Divine Trash is for those who crave individuality and abhor the banal. If you want to be a PSL-sipping chain-loving basic B who wants their style to be dictated by the masses, then head to your local Suburban Outfitters. If you want to be a badass with an unconventional vibe, or a trendsetter that is constantly fielding “where did you get that???”, then you have come to right place, my friend!